• Why is this card different?

Other cards claim to offer savings off retail, and some do. This card will also provide a money back rebate on certain brand name drugs above the discount rate. You save twice!

  • If I have insurance, will this card provide any extra benefit?

YES – If your insurance does not cover certain drugs (ex – cosmetic drugs, brand names, prenatal vitamins, etc) then this card may save you money! Also, if your insurance requires you to pay a deductible on your brand name drugs before covering them, then this card may be of benefit to you! Often times the savings card price is lower than the deductible.

  • Are there any qualifications required to participate?

NO – Everyone qualifies and there are no restrictions.

  • Does the pharmacy savings card work for all members of my family?

Yes -The card works for all family members.

  • Does this card cost me anything?

NO – The Pharmacy Savings Card alone does not cost you anything.

  • What is the average savings on medications with this card?

The discount range varies depending on whether you are purchasing brand name or generic drugs and which brand name and generic medications you are buying. Your savings are similar to that of many prescription drug plans. The average savings range between 10-85% off retail prices.

  • If I change pharmacies, is the card still valid?

The first time you go to a new pharmacy they will need to add your information to their computers.

  • What pharmacies accept the pharmacy savings card?

The pharmacy savings card is valid at nearly all pharmacies in the United States, and most pharmacies in Puerto Rico and Guam. Use the Pharmacy Finder to look up pharmacies and other providers in your area.

  • My pharmacy isn’t on the list, can they participate?

Yes. There are some pharmacies who accept the pharmacy savings card that are not on our list, if you find one please email us and we’ll update the list. If they are not a current partner and are interested, email us and we’ll contact them.

  • I didn’t save as much as I expected, can you explain?

Your savings card is designed to give you the best price for you medication (brand or generic) possible. There can be multiple companies that manufacture a generic drug, sometimes 30 or more companies. Each company sets their own price. Your discount will depend on which company’s generic drug a pharmacy chooses to use. Sometimes the price of one generic vs. another generic can be 3x or more. If you aren’t sure you are getting a good price, call a couple of pharmacies and ask them for a quote. Be sure to provide the BIN and PCN information on your Savings card so you can make an accurate comparison.